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Christa-Lee McWatters Bond
December 15, 2019 | Christa-Lee McWatters Bond

A personal note to our customers and suppliers

A personal note to our customers and suppliers.

As my dad, the late Harry McWatters, used to joke “it’s the BC wine industry; if you haven’t heard a rumour by 10am, start one”.

I am aware that there are many rumours circulating about ENCORE Vineyards. If you want clarification on something you may have heard, ask me and I will do my best to reply.

Let me shed light on a few things.

It is true the last few months have been difficult. Since our dad passed away, we have been sorting out the business, so much of it was in his head. It is a fact that as the new CEO I inherit this situation. I am working closely with my family, many professional advisors, industry experts, customers, and our phenomenal team to set a new direction for ENCORE Vineyards all while leveraging our award winning brands. We all thank everyone for their understanding and patience as we make our way through.

Christa-Lee McWatters President & CEO - ENCORE Vineyards Ltd


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